Greetings all my name is Ozzwald P Ozzington and it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance, yatta yatta yatta.

Anyway, I have been doing considerable work on my lead playing lately and I've been encountering one problem that is driving me absolutely nuts. When I go to hit a whole step bend(typically on the high e string) I often find myself hitting the G string (or whatever the second string above the one I happen to be plucking is, pending on the note) in the process and getting a very unwelcome pluck of the other string with it.

Would anyone please be able to give me some pointers as to how to cut back on this unpleasent and unwanted note?

Thank You and Good Tidings
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Might have something to do with how your fretting hand fingers are arched. Not entirely sure
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best bet is this....

practice slower

yup yup, i said it, thats right, whatcha gon' do?

what you need to do is improve your accuracy it sounds like and practicing slower with smaller pick swipes should help this. you need to get used to just hitting individual strings, slow consistent effective practice should remedy your problem.
Hmm... I used to have this problem all the time, but I forget how I fixed it. I think it just worked itself out with practice. What I do now when I bend like that is the fingers I'm bending with actually do touch the g string, but not enough to strum it- by lightly touching it they actually mute it, so it doesn't make any noise when I come out of the bend.
spend aroun 20 - 30 minutes each day just practicing that string bending. Really slow individual picks. And as you become more comfortable start speeding it up maybe adding in some variations, also look at your fretting hand make sure it is arched enough.
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Sometimes if you use the very tip of your finger (Near where the nail "hangs over") the finger you're bending with won't catch the G string (or other string(s)).