I have a Squier Strat that i want to upgrade the look and sound and really don't kno where to start. Any help would be appriciated
Wow, that article is actually pretty good. Wayneskate, using that logic think about how you want your guitar to look and perform when finished. Example: Think about what type of bridge you want and figure out how much modding has to be done to acheive it. The same principle applies to paint, color, tuners, pups, and everything else. Once you know what you want to do start to finish then just do it. It really isn't that hard and is a learning process. If you are looking for ideas, then fumble through the threads and find the many squier mods already done. Personally, as long the squire is a solid body (agathis or alder) and not ply, then it is worthy of a new neck (mighty might is a good upgrade for squiers), good tuners, and a little higher end pups. While its apart a new look isn't a bad idea either. Outside that there is no reason why you can't have a great player with a squier back bone. Keep us posted on your progress.

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A set of Sperzel tuners and some string saver bridge saddles (or equivalents) wouldn't go amiss... and neither would a pickup upgrade.

You'd be left with a reliable low-end guitar.

I don't really see the point of changing the neck, since you'll be able to get it how you like it once you stick on some better hardware and give it a set-up.
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well it could do with a better bridge, pickups, tuners and saddles. i think squier necks are comfortable and easy to get your fingers round, but if you want to change the neck, then go ahead.

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Could you suggest any pickups? What do 'Saddles' do?

I would go with basic Fender Tex Mex or Fender noiseless. Thats what I did.
And if you are interested in squier strat rebuilds look in my sig.l

Saddles are what your strings lay on, on top of the bridge which they resonate off of.
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would it be cheaper to just get a new guitar lol?
It can be. Guitar building or modification can quickly get expensive but it ultimately depends on your goals. Are you able to live with the bulk of the features on your guitar but want to change one or two things? You'll first have to decide what it is that you want and then do the math. It was one of the exercises I went through before deciding to build my guitar.


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