I have to do a persuasive speech for my english class worth 300 points and i need some help. It would be ewasy if i could just straight up write something but i need to have 5 sources on the topic. Somebody help me out with this. I hate english class and if i dont do well on this i will probably fail so all help will be appreciated. I don't givva **** what kind of topic you come up with as long as i can find some sources. I really suck at this kind of shit so plz help.
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Do it about something you care about. I had to do this last year - I did it about tab sites getting closed down... and managed to tie it into the whole 'downloading music debate' thing which is goin' on.

There are a lot of sources for it to - like how much it affects industry, how much it helps to promote new bands' music etc.
So you have to write to persuade your teacher to do what? Anything? In that case write an essay that persuades the reader to be a jihadist.

Believe me, you'll be preaised for your fresh new perspective on one of today's biggest controversies.
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the good and bad effects that sites like myspace are having on the music biz
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