So i have some beginner/mediocre stuff. not that great. and im looking to get rid of it and get some better stuff. ive made a list of my main stuff im selling, and then a list of the main stuff im kepping so you will know what im going to be using. I want to get rid of my crap and keep it simple. Im looking to buy one more guitar and 1 tube head. i want to spend around 500 dollars for a tube head. and about 650 dollars for a guitar. any suggestions.

My stuff now:

Old gibson v (guitar)
peavey xxl slant cab
digi tech gnx 3000

Peavey xxl head
Ibanez Gsr 200? (bass)
Ltd h100fm (guitar)
Ibanez Rg 120 (guitar)
some random pedals

Ibanez s40dxqm
Gibson SG faded

Peavey JSX 120watt head
Mesa Boogie recto 2x12 Cab
I'd probably consider selling the xxl cab too, and get a better cab. Depends how much you can get for it, though.

I'd also consider forking out more for the amp, and less for the guitar. In fact, you probably don't even need another guitar at all. You could put all that cash into the amp head, or an amp head and better cab. that's what I'd do.
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