ok im in a tight spot. really annoying:

so im coming to the end of school, and will be moving in to college's. now my parents are split up, and my dad really wants me to go live with him and go to college there, and my mum wants me to stay. now they live 3 hours apart. my dad wants me to come live with him so he can do all sorts, id probably be better off with my dad because he has a bit more money than my mum and can support me.

but then theres my friends, theres some people i dont want to leave. and i dont want to have to move to make new friendships.

i've applied for 2 colleges, one where i live now, which isn't the best. and one where my dad lives, which is the better of the two.

i still have the choice to make. i dont know what to choose, it's like choosing between my parents, what ever i choose it'll end up in a parent feeling disappointed, and ill have regrets either way.

now i know you are probably thinking that i should go to live with my dad if im gonna be better off. but my friends. i have really strong bonds and friendships. and friendships like these take years to make. so bare that in mind.

the only way this can be sorted out for me if one college accepts me and the other doesn't. i've had people tell me that friends are more important, they are the ones you turn to and rely on etc. you dont really rely on your family that much. and i'll be moving out in a few years. i just don't no.

what advice would you lovely people give to me. just to help me make the right decision.

EDIT: i get to see my dad once a month for a weekend, and maybe a lil extra during holidays. and i'll be driving by next year. but going down to see my friends every now and then isn't the same as spending every day with them.
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Why don't you choose what's best for you, which at this point is probably your education.
What ever you decide I'm sure both of your parents will still love you
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cant you live with one parent and visit the other on the weekend.
personally i would go with the better collage, that will determine what you do for the rest of your life.
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Well, if you went away to college, you'd be away from your friends anyway. This is just a part of the process of making the transition from high school to college/real life. You could also work something out where you spend the year with your dad and spend vacations and the summer with your mom, or something along those lines.
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In my honest opinion, I'd leave my friends and go to the better university. I know friends are important but at the end of the day, it's your life you're deciding. You need to take account of what you need, not what your friends need (i.e. you). When we grow up, we're never with the same people all over again. When you graduate from university (college to you US folk), you can come back with a better degree and profession. You'll have much more money to be able to support yourself and a very satisfactory status.

If you live at home with your friends, you're going to regret it, especially missing the opportunity to do something better for you. Missing your friends will seem like nothing compared to when you grow up with your own family to support. You are inevitably going to be kept seperate from your friends in any case. Do you think you'll still be as close to your friends when you're 80? Not a chance mate - unless you're really lucky.

Go for your dad mate.
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You'll make new friends, and if these friends are really good, then they'll stay your friends. Unless they're all going to the same college near your mom, you won't see them that often anyways, so this is just a little bit further away.

Do what's best for your life and go with Daddy.
I went to university away from all my other friends and both parents. Its all part of growing up......You won't be around your friends forever anyway
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