Alright, I've had a guitar for around a year, but I've been practicing it regularly for about two months now, and and really all I can play is like punk riffs and songs. I want to get into playing more of what I listen to like Underoath, Atreyu, that kind of stuff. How could I approach practicing like the more transitions that hardcore music has opposed to the 3 chords in punk music. I don't even know where to start :|
It's easy... check tabs for the song you wanna learn and start practising!
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It's easy... check tabs for the song you wanna learn and start practising!

I've tried that, maybe it's my lack of sticking to practicing one song. Sometimes I can get the intros to some songs but. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
yeah that used to happen to me. but know i stick with 1 song and get it then move to the next 1. try that
when getting tabs from UG, check first to see how many stars the tab has. if it has less than three stars its a good bet its not worth looking at. and check to see how many people have reviewed it. thats stated after the stars. if it has like 3 after the stars thats good if it has like five stars. but if it has like 456 after the stars then definitly ONLY look at it if its four or five stars.
I pretty much played dammit by blink and paranoid with a low tempo intro but the rest was ok no solo though by sabbath.
bump - anyone have any more suggestions before i stop checking this thread??
practice moving ur fingers around on the neck for a while to get used to the fast leads and stuff and maybe do some scales. if u just want to do like rythm guitar for those songs look at some tabs for the songs you like and if there is a chord u think its a weird hand position or anything then just try to do excercises with ur fingers like that.
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Yeah. It's sometimes hard to stick to one song when there are sooooo many you want to learn. But if you don't it's counterproductive.

You'll eventually get around to learning all the ones you want. Eventually you'll be able to learn the songs really fast too. A friend of mine says he can memorize a song and (usually) play it properly between half an hour and an hour. *This is after something like 14 years of guitar)