Post a song and It will be wonderfully judged by me. 'Cos thats what I do.
All I need is band details and a recording to listen to. Winner will receive a top quality prize. Honest
lol woohoo!!! Well, all 3 songs online are good (we're professionally re-recording them as we speak) But take your pick, End of Time is heavier, Wasted Conversation is more acoustic/wah pedal type thing, and Can't Get Back to Yesterday is pop turned rock. Sorta.....I dunno, its kinda hard to explain our music. But there is a sample of the new recording of End of Time on there too. Anyway, link -----> www.myspace.com/hearstandardissue
Good replies so far, need more bands to make this an actual competition yet though!
I've just realised I haven't planned this competition out very well. We shall henceforth call this the qualifying stage, so anyone who wants a song in the competition should post it in this thread.
I will be looking for a number of bands and the format will be a knockout system. I will also be looking for two other judges, obviously those who enter will be excluded from the selection.

Yeah, we're S.A.L.C. If it's only one song.. then try Magical Hole.
Smexy. =]
Brute Force by.. Brute Force.. Good song, like all the different riffs not just the same thing all through out. (Y)
Indeed they do. I'm going to relaunch this with a set out in a few days, so unfortunately the entries will need to be submitted again when its up!
any songs the judges wanna use from my page
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Hei, I'm 18 and I've been playing for about 1 year and 7 months and I've got an electric guitar about 5 months ago. I'm self-taught. Pick any of : Never thought, Where's my Baby, Go for it or The best is yet to come from here http://myband.ro/Biro

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click on my link, www.myspace.com/azazelmetal Im new to recording these are the first songs i have recorded and also there just put together as experiments.Improvised in 2-3 hours each one a was done a night at a time.So dont expect professional.Also so you know im using a microcube 2 1/2 watt amp but ive had people say they cant believe its that.hope you check it out and enjoy.
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