Scale styles? Are you asking what our favorite scales are for soloing or..?

If you mean my favorite scales to solo with...Minor pentatonic, Harmonic minor, melodic minor, all of the modes, Arabic scales...There are others I'm forgetting.

EDIT: Diminished and whole tone are the ones I forgot.
i like minor and phyrygian for shredding (trying to at least) in my preferred metal style, and then maybe a bit of minor pent for a bit of soul baby , lol
I use alot of D minor harmonic/C minor harmonic due to my recent delving into Metal/Hard/Grindcore. For ANY classic rock tune, a pentatonic scale using roots for the key of the song can work. Honestly, when I do (or try to) do economy/sweep picked 128th note solos I just play random notes. I also tend to use alot of Bb Major Scale, easy scale, yet it seems to work with alot of different things.