I have about 400/500 dollars, I play blues and classic rock, I'm about to buy the fender blues junior, but I was wondering if it is worth it to build my own tube amp. How much would a comparable amp be if you were to build one from a kit which included everything? Thanks.

It's an excellent deal if you have the skills to pay the bills. You better be able to read an electronic schematic and solder like a mutha.
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Yeah what he said. Fender blues jr's are good but may i suggest a vox?
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It's not necessarily an excellent deal when compared to existing amps on the market. You probably won't save money when compared to a mass produced amp. However you will get a nicer amp with better parts.

I would suggest avoiding kits too, as they have cheaper parts for the most part, which basically robs any advantage of building your own amp. Use good parts while you're at it. There are exceptions, but these kits are more expensive than just the parts on their own of course.

Why do you want to build an amp?
If you're interesting in the building aspect, build it.
If you just wanna save money, you're probably better off buying.
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www.ax84.com my friend

Look at some of their schematics for an idea of what you would be doing. A brother company of theirs sells kits for a couple of their models too.

About $200-250 USD for a kit, does not include tools, solder, wire or speaker.
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you can do some cool stuff when you build your own and it will be cheaper than buying one of comparable quality (in terms of parts, being hand wired and whatnot) but it will be cheaper to just find an amp schematic and buy all the parts you need separately instead of buying a kit.
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^in some cases that isn't true. you might have to pay shipping from all the different places. if you can get all the tubes and the speaker from one place, though, you should be gold.

GO FOR IT. also, chech out kerry's plexi build, that might get you going.
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