for a bluesy srv-esque sound, would you rather use the digitech bad monkey or the digitech screamin blues pedal? i know srv used ibanez tube screamers but i dont have the money and i dont want to sound "exactly" like srv.

oh yea stupid me. i use a peavey rage 158

They're both fairly decent for their price. Could you try them out at a music shop near you? Maybe bring your amp and guitar along so you can hear which you like best.
Well my friend has a peavey rage, it sucks ass. I would reccomend a new amp, valve junior if you like blues, and then an OD pedal, Maxon if you can afford it.
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I wouldnt worry too much about sounding "exactly" like SRV. You wont.

Try out a tubescreamer with your amp, see what you think. If you like, then you can buy one used and save.
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