Ok, Ive been wanting to record me playing guitar on my desktop from some time now and I havnt ot around to it. Ayways, what will I need? I have a cheap PC microphone and a mic-headset. Also, will I need to buy some fancy chip to hook my guitar with an amp cable directly to my pc or something? Thanks.
All you need to do is go to Radio Shack and tell them to sell you a really good tape deck with a microphone attached to it. Then record yourself using that. Once it's on tape.. put the speaker REALLY close to your internal PC Mic and record using the Voice Recorder. After that make sure you put a LOT of reverb on it so it will make it more realistic and turn the bass completely up and treble down so it's even.
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download audiacity (google it) record with your mic to that....dont use line in is buzzes and sounds terrible...see "pc recording" thread above for explanation