Im really confused what is a mexican strat? is it like a jimmie vaughan strat with texmex pickups? can someone give me a link to where i can look at them, get prices? reviews would help too! THANKS!
It's a Standard Stratocaster. They're made in Mexico, hence the Mexican. They're also abbreviated as MIM (Made In Mexico).
Yeah my strat is made in mexico, and it is perfect. It has no rough spots on the neck, no buzzing frets, no problems at all. I reccomend it. Plus it is like 5-600 dollars cheaper than an American made strat. Sometimes more. I would check out sites like www.samash.com or www.guitarcenter.com or www.musiciansfriend.com to check out prices and details. I hope that I helped you out. They also have a ton of reviews. Notice that an American Strat has a 5 star rating, and a mexican strat has a 4.5 star review. JUST STAY AWAY FROM SQUIRES! Cheap, cheap.
Its a normal strat with a bit of a shady quality control. You can get real nice MIM strats that can blow away US ones or you can get a really horrible one that is on par with squier or just in the middle. Play em all out. Pick one thats loudest unplugged and body vibrates the most. All guitar testing out should be 90% done unplugged.
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i myself recomend a american strat if you have enough money. The American strats are great! If you play the mim and the mia strats, you'll notice a difference.
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Notice that an American Strat has a 5 star rating, and a mexican strat has a 4.5 star review.

So? The only way you could compare the reviews is if the MIM strat cost just as much as the MIA. The MIM gets good reviews in it's price range, but slap a $1000 price tag on it and put it against the MIA and see what happens.
My mexican strat came with 20 mini mexican strats. I must've got a good deal...
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