Ive really been trying to improve my solo playing lately by playing a solos from various songs but i always end up playing quite easy solos, and when i try to learn harder material i just suck at it, even if i start of slow and repeat for days getting faster.. im just not there yet

...so can any one recommend any imtermediate kinda solos from songs i can have a go at to try and improve my technique... or any solo pieces that helped you improve at this level. i mostly play rock and metal but any other styles that you could recommend would be cool to try out aswell.

What are some solos that you can play? That will help us determine where you are at as far as technique goes.
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i can play stuff like the intro solo to One by Metallica and some easier Children of Bodom stuff like the intro to Hate me or their self titled song the main solo bit to Heartbreaker by led zeppelin (not very well) ...and things like that...
i like to try and improvise as well alot..
but i would like to learn some pieces that sound cool so i can play along and practice them.. thanks
Maybe the 1st solo of Comfortably Numb, it's not too difficult but sounds cool once you nail it.
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the above are good, fade to black is easy but the last solo in that song is challenging for the average beginner. Remember you have to practice to get good at the ones you think are difficult

I am a big fan of CoB, too, so I would recommend Bed of Razors (Hatebreeder), Are you dead yet solo is fairly moderate IMO. But for me Metallica solos is what got me better in the beginning, like Sanitarium and such...

Try to find a solo you think you can do or might have to practice to do. Youll get better with time :P

a very easy one that you prolly wont like (neither did i) was the solo to Cold by Breaking Benjamin. HEY.....It's easy
cool. fade to black solos are nice. i never thought of playing them befre. will give it a go. thanks for the suggestions!
Personally I would go with 'Money' I just learned that and its actually fairly easy. A lot of Gilmour's stuff is, he just knows the perfect notes to hit
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stairway to heaven, all of it.
Sweet child of mine. If you can bend, its not hard. although not easy, so intermediate.
I'd recommend "Kissing the Shadows," By CoB. You probably won't be able to play it to speed. Just work on it.