Hey guys im in the game of buying a half stack. I like the TSL alot. Seems great but im doing more and more research and im geting lots of negative things about Marshall. Is the quality of marshalls really that crappy now?? Is the marshall "age" over? Anyways i was taking some other stuff into consideration like mesas, since now marshall will be coming out with their new head i dont want to be dated, nor do i want to spend whatever the ridiculous amount of $$ the JVM will cost.

The only mesa i can really afford is the single recto. It seems really sweet, but for the same price i can get a marshall w/ exta channel and reverb! I dunno man single recto seems cool but i feel like i cant make a decision. I want to make a proper choice and get somethin good thats not gonna crap up in a year. I could maybe get a dual recto which would be a dream for me but i dont think mesa has any cabs cheaper that their 900$ ones. I dont want to route a mesa head through another cab. Itl just look stupid. Please help me!
I like the peavey xxx also. What do u guys think about this??
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It would definitely "kick" it for high gain, but probably not in crunch. Depends on which specific amps you're talking about

from what ive heard from marshall amps, the dsl is better then the tsl.
you could always get the dual recto and get brand cab.

the peavy XXX is also a better choice then marshall.

but then again it all depends on what you wanna sound like...

but personally i would go with the single recto or the XXX.

also, have you looked into laney, their good amps
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whats the difference between high gain and crunch??
High gain is like uber-distorto insano sound (think of more or less any heavy metal band), and crunch is well...crunchy (think of AC/DC or most any rock band.)
then i would like high gain. But not like a death metal amp. I need good good clean for jazz and a modern rock type distortion. Something relatively versitile.
I cant seem to do well w the laney website..... too much stuff. Whats a good head within 1k to 1500 no more than 2100 for a half stack usd??
I don't really have an amp to recommend, but don't make so many posts in a row; you're new, so you won't get banned, but if you want to say additional stuff, edit your old posts, don't make new ones.
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sorry to marshall fans, but its true

Different voicings dude, mesa has a "californian Voice" and the Marshall has a "British Voicing". So your either looking for that tone or not.
ye, seems like mesa suits me better. Not that i have anything agains brit rock or whatever, i just dont play it.
Are there any cheaper mesa cabs so i can get a dual recto head??
i'm ALWAYS seeing used dual recto heads going for hundreds less on craigslist