never heard this song before, but straight away i'm thinking gwen stefani...whether that's a good thing to you or not...surely to god you've had that before if ANYONE has heard your voice. its a nice vocal style, if somewhat limited, i'd suggest try to combine this style with more of an openly passionate style...creating quite the personal style (wow, how many times have i said style!) though...very interesting...you keep in tune, i like your use of dynamics around 2:20...its nice to hear you adjust your volume from time to time. once again i havent heard this song so maybe you're simply trying to recreate this style, but hopefully i've given you a few suggestions there. look foward to hearing you on the forums in the future
haha I have actually never gotten gwen stefani. Most of the time people just say its unique but I can kind of see why you would say her...at least in this song. One unfortunate time I got an "avril lavigne in the making." but yeah I figured most people hadn't heard this one. thanks for the crit.
Never head the song before but it was quite nice. A few very slight timing issues with the distorted guitar I think. I think the sound levels could be mixed better to be honest, which brings me to the vocals...they are quite unique!I like them, I think they should have been a little bit quieter, maybe add a tiny bit of reverb unless you were going for a dry sorta sound. But overall it's pretty good, nice job.
that was different!
you kinda sound like them.
you gotta have a cover of where does the good go!
i think you could really sound like that.
cool stuff!
heeey! just critic-ing back! thanks again for the positive feedback! gosh, your voice is nice! i haven't heard the original either, but I like! your voice is very unique (like the past posters said). i liked the dynamics of your voice during the chorus, and the subtle harmonies throughout the verses. and, are you playing all these instruments? coolness. and, also some leveling with the voice against the music, i think, would really make this cover sound even better!
Thanks for the critsss. and yes I am playing all of the instruments. its really annoying too using audacity because I can only record for about 8 seconds and then it starts to delay. i don't know why it does that. so yeah not everything is in perfect timing. I actually have done a cover of "where does the good go." Its a lot of fun to play. and as for the levels I agree I should turn down the vocals a little. thanks again.
I quite liked this cover - I've not heard the original so cannot compare, however on it's own merits - unique voice , good guitar work as far as I can tell.

The only thing I can think of it to let go a little bit more with your voice. Give it a bit more oomph.

On the whole though -

Thanks for critting mine