For all of you that know, there is a windows sound recorder. it is sort of like garageband but much more crude, i cannot seem to work it like the person in this video http://mirrored.flabber.nl/winnoise. If you know how to add new windows, make a sound play over again without my help, please leave someting. any questions just leave something

thankyou very much,

from someone who wishes they had a mac so they could play garage band
Yeah I'm pretty sure they made that in flash and the audio was done with a seperate multi track program like Adobe Audition or Acid Pro...
That video's edited.

From what I know, you can't do that with sound recorder. Download audacity (for free) if you want to record something and play over it.

I also wish I had a Mac so that I could Garageband to my heart's delight. The samples on there are so fun to mess with.
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A. That was made in flash
B. There is no repeat function
C. You can only record and play .wav files

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you can't do that. you seriously believed that was a real video?
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Uhhhh, hate to break it to you, but that is nothing like garageband. Not even close. Garageband blows the hell out of that. Do you even know what garageband is?