Hate For Hire - A uplifting dirge to be sung in a Morrissey-esque style perhaps...

Hate for hire
I've done so much good in my life
Maybe it's time I got paid for doing something
I can really enjoy

Hate for hire
I'll be a thorn in your side
All you need is an enemy; I'll be your nemesis
Someone to really despise

So for reasonable fee,
Mutually beneficial, I'll hate you, you'll hate me
A relationship so perfect
Nothing could tear us apart

And if you're easy to hate
You'll get a discount rate
But if I like you, you'll have to pay more
That's what I'm here for

And maybe over time
We'll forget the money
I'll start to like you, you'll start to like me
And we'll fall in love


[fade out]
Hate for hire, for a reasonable fee
Hate for hire, I'd love to hate you dearly.......
wow this is really good it was easy to think up music for myself in the back round and it flowed well
fender strat
fender acoustic
line6 spider 2 150 watt
can of, rock your face off

..................you cant spell crap without rap.......................
Yeah, this was solid lyrics here.

Not outstanding, but solid. No huge flaws at all, I could probably just say next that I think you could put a more original spin on your writing, so that it sounds a bit more fresh a new. these I could have read before, the actual content isn't full of writing that excites me, which is what I'm looking for in lyrics. Hit me harder, is what I'm saying. Try and get that bigger impact, and a more personal and different style.