Hey, i'm new to the site, and i have a problem that i really need help with...
I've been playing the guitar for quite a while, about 4 months and i can play quite a few songs and i'm starting to write my songs, but my BIGGEST problems is that i cant come up with music to go along with it... No good rthyms ever come to my head. any advice?
My advice would to be learn as much music theory as you can (scales, notes, LOTS of chords) WHILE learning as many songs of your favorite bands as you can.. while you do these 2 things together, you will get many ideas for your own stuff. Your music that you make will improve over the years.. influence is a powerful force.
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listen to a lot of music. one day somthing will just come to you.
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My advice is...

4 months is NOT a long time, AT ALL.

Of course you can't really write songs that well yet. I'd say you need to play longer first.
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My advice is...

4 months is NOT a long time, AT ALL.

Of course you can't really write songs that well yet. I'd say you need to play longer first.

Yea i guess your right, but im not one of those people who has a guitar and says "i can play so well" and cant play one damm chord. I can play a few songs like "Cold" by Crossfade and some of "Tears Don't Fall" by Bullet For My Valentine, and a song by Alls Fair but no one knows about them.
But.. what if what you have sounds to much like another song. I actually had a pretty good full length song down, but i showed it to all my friends and they played me a song just like it with little differences i got really pissed that day.
ive been playing for three years and just recently have i begun to wrtie music that doesnt sound like stuff thats already been made. give yourself some time. i was quick at learning nut it didnt help my songwriting at all. you need to develop a style of your own and trust me when i say this it takes alot longer than 4 months to develop a style. ive only begun developing my own playing style.
I'll post some of my songs on here later, i need to find them upstairs, but in my opinion and everyone else i've asked they're not that bad.
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I'll post some of my songs on here later, i need to find them upstairs, but in my opinion and everyone else i've asked they're not that bad.

Well, are you asking trained musicians, are YOU a trained musician? There is a difference between what is good, and what is preference. Not to shoot down your songs. I feel like it's probably some palm muted power chords in a verse, then some other ones for a chorus. Is there anything wrong with this? No way! It's a great start, you are now in the rabbit hole, Alice.

4 months, no matter what, still is not a long time. No matter how good someone is by the end of 4 months, there UNDERSTANDING can only be so far.

The more rhythms you expose and completely absorb, the more you will have available for your inner ear to work with. So expose yourself !
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yeah in all honesty, like everyone else said, 4 months isn't long at all.you haven't been exposed to great varieties yet, or to better state it, you haven't absorbed massive varieties that you may have been exposed to. your best bet is to learn more from EVERYWHERE, the best musicians do. do you like that random classical piece played in the background of a movie? did you really dig on that song that played while you were wailing on a video game? ever listened to a bird chirp or mechanics in a machine shop working in time? these are just a few suggestions of things that can make you look at music differently. i would suggest learning more songs for starter, from bands you like and individual songs you may have a guilty pleasure for. also once you get down a fat handfull of songs start learning some theory and find out why the songs you like work. i also recommend learning latin, jazz,classical (as in guitar, not classic rock) blues, eastern and any other type of music you can.
for me you have to sit around awhile and just screw around. And if you have something you kind of like, never throw it out. To me, your supposed to build off of an idea, you never just "come up" with good rhythms or "searing leads" . You always build them and make them better as you go along and more ideas come to your head..

At least, that is the case for me

Oh, and listening to certain types of music DID affect my writing style. For the longest time when I first started playing I listened to Slayer. Going back to the crappy recordings back in that time, all my stuff sounded very thrashy...
Alright i looked over quite a few of my songs and i threw a couple away because they were horrible by far in my opinion. I've been trying to improve on simple mistakes. A good friend told me that its easier to build up a tune and lyrics on the acoustic then expand on that on the electric and thats what im going to. it sounds pretty good but im trying everything. Starting over and scrapping from my past songs i've started one already. Here's part of it.

"I can see the truth in your eyes
So sick and tired of these lies
Hanging on to a past
full of endless binds.
All the time our paths cross
but shall never stop to talk