probably got these threads before but i am not really educated on the types of proper dieting.

im a little bit overweight being about 190 andim like 5'8, 5'9 a little bit chunky but i was wondering whats really the proper way to go about this

im gonna give up fast food for sure because ive been chowing down on that crap for the past 4-5 days for dinner and thats not helping, and i've been good with drinking such as I drink water every day probably 3-4 after i get home from school and I rarely drink pop what was the last time i had one maybe 3 weeks ago, and i try not to drink too much beer and crap cuz i know that contributes

besides that, should i start excersing/lifting again? i havent done that in like a year cuz i can get extremely lazy but i figure eating right isnt the only way to go, should i have a proper exercise regiment? thanks for the help in advance.
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Dieting doesn't mean go thin. It means having a healthy lifestyle.
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well i realize that, but i guess im just asking whats the best route to intact a healthy lifestyle while getting a bit more in my weight span for my height.
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Because there's no point in being on the Internet of you're not gonna act like an arrogant prick.
Weight loss secret: Skip breakfast and have a black coffee instead. Skip snacks and have a smoke instead. Your body will thank you later!
drinking lots of water is good, it flushes out bad waste products and toxins. But the downfall is that, water does flush out valuble minerals and vitamins. So instead of trying to drink lots of water, eat more vegitables and fruits, cause they are a high water sorce, they also contain vitamins and minerals to replace the one that water would of flushed out.

Diet? Stay aways from white, such as white pasta white rice white bread, all containing no nutrition content that is good for you. Also Try and eat small but frequent meals throughout the day, so carry an apple or some other small snack you can eat when you fell hungery
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Eat a balanced meal, and don't deprive yourself of food.

As in all of the food groups, doesn't have to be all in one sitting either, you can drink soda, just not to excessively. Eat lots of fruit, and vegetables, exercise at least 2 or more hours a day.

As well as the person above said.
Just watch what you eat, and walk a couple miles everyday. It's what I did.
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