does anyone know if there are any long 6 string guitar necks that are sold? Quite possibly as long as bass necks?
i doubt its possible since the 12 fret has to be the middle of the string.
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umm...try warmoth.com, but i doubt there's any. why not buy a baritone guitar? esp and shcecter have some i think.
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>> oh yeeah...well i forgot about string length when thinking about this, but still, does anyone have any idea as to how long they can be made, or lnks to sites? thanks all!
No, the longest normal guitar neck is a Fender strat, which is 25.5" scale. Bass necks are usually 34" scale, and wouldn't fit on a guitar due to scale length issue.

As far as how long can you get it, that depends on your guitar. You have to know that you'll have to move the bridge back to compensate.

EDIT: why do you want such a monstrous neck?
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28.5 inches is a good baritone neck, and i am sure that you coud tune to standard with it.

that should be long enought.
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