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george carlin FTW!!!
[22:33] ben: Yesterday I was gonna eat a shitload of candy but I forgot.
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george carlin FTW!!!

That's exactly what I was thinking! That man is godly in the art of comedy
George Carlin, Mitch Hedburg, Patton Oswalt, Demetri Martin, Stephen Lynch Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Christopher Titus for stand up.

Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Eddie Murphy, Jeff Anderson, Brian O'Halloran, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Will Smith, and a few more for acting.

Kevin Smith for directing.
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george carlin & bill hicks owned

You have excellent taste in comedians.

Bill Hicks is a God.
I simply cannot take this god-awful place anymore. Goodbye to all the good people here. The rest can fuck off.

Jeff Dunham and his puppets
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That guy that plays all the instruments, I can't remember his name but he recently had a special called "person" on Comedy Central. Jeff Dunham is pretty funny too, and Jim Gaffigan.

EDIT: Demitri Martin is the name I was thinking of.
Chris Titus for stand-up, and probably Kevin Smith for movie stuff.
russell brand is funny as **** and chubby brown is awesome
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ill flame as much as i damn well please

suck my balls
mitch hedburg or pablo franscisco.. hilarious guys
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You sound like a fucking idiot. Shut up. Please, for the love of sanity, never post again.

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read gunfiend's african thing it speaks to my soul
bill bailey
lee evans
jasper carrott
billy connelly
david mitchell
robert webb
chris morris
steve coogan
ricky gervais
jack dee
ross noble
tim vine
all of the panelists on Mock The Week
al murray
jimmy carr
dave gorman

...and thats just the british ones

...i like comedy

John Pinette
Lewis Black
Jon Stewart
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Eddie Murphy
Dave Chapelle
Patton Oswalt
Adam Ferrara
Eddie Izzard.

And Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel rant was pretty hilarious as well.
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10/10 you gloriously peculiar chatter Voltan rocks.

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Zach Galifianakis, Jimm Gaffigan, Lewis Black, Denis Leary, Mitch Hedburg, Demetri Martin, Brian Posehn
... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

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Mitch Hedberg, Brian Regan, Demetri Martin, Dave Chappelle, The Amazing Jonathan, Dave Atell, Rodney Carrington, David Spade
They play Loveline, an LA radio show, in the state that I live in and the old host, Adam Carolla, is one of the funniest people i've ever heard. I think he's doing his own radio show now but it doesn't get played here and he had his own show on Comedy Central for a short time. I also like Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook (sometimes, depends on the mood).
Demetri Martin FTW!
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tony martin, mick molloy, rob sitch, jerry seinfeld
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Don't forget Dylan Moran..
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Bill Hicks was brilliant. Lee Evans is funny.
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Demetri Martin all the way!

yeah ftw!!!

chapelle is good to
and tim minchin
anyone heard of him
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Don't forget Dylan Moran..

man's ****in' ace
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lewis black

and dave chappelle is pretty funny

also, george carlin.
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Bill Bailey
Jimmy Carr
Lee Evans
Dylan Moran
Billy Connoly
Stephen Lynch
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Al Murray
Dylan Moran
Billy Conolly
Dara O Briain
Lee Evans
Bill Bailey
Jimmy Carr

Russel Brand is a tit.
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lee evans, bill bailey, jasper carrot, noel fielding and julian barratt
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Okay, big-T is a legend first and foremost

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You are awesome, Big T.

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