schecters are great guitars for the heavier stuff, and honestly i dont think it should matter whether you play rhythm or not, its the tone that matters. anyways, I either recommend saving just $50 more for a C-1 FR or something, or the Schecter Omen if you must stay within $300
The Gearz:

Schecter Omen 6
B-52 At-100 head + 4x12 cab
Yamaha EG303
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive
I think Jackson is pretty ****ing awesome for shred and all the heavy rythm for death metal and stuff.I haven't had the chance to play a Schecter but I've heard they're pretty good for thick metal riffing.I'd go with Jackson if I were you,trust me I own one,you won't regret it.
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well i'm gonna be playing emo, screamo, alternative metal, heavy metal...and well...metal.

Some bands: UnderOath, Breaking Benjamin, Taking Back Sunday, Avenged Sevenfold, Silverstein, Atreyu, Godsmack.

Does this help?
I don't know if the Jackson would be that versatile since it IS a high gain output guitar. The schecter would work because three of the bands there have them.

But, what are some specific guitars that i would be able to buy in the $250-350 range from these brands?

Also, what about an ESP? They have an agathis body, but i still hear they're good.
Look at an Agile that's built for metal. Maybe one of these will catch your eye:


Sure, you might have to save a little more, but who cares? It'll be worth it.

Other than Agile, I'd really look into a Jackson, but then again, I'm biased against Schecter.