I am thinking of getting this a metal muff pedal, they sound awsome
does anyone here own it?
what do you think of it?
And are there any other metal type distortions you think are better?
(am searching for a versatile metal sound)
the two big muffs (american and russian) are the shit so im sure the metal muff would sound good and also be very versital

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buy the turbo RAT from proco. i have it and it sounds awesome, and it is versatile, too. you can ALMOST get a clapton sound without even using your guitar's tone control
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^but have you ever tried the metal muff? Seriously though, the metal muff IS the best distortion pedal on the market, and I'm not saying IMO, because it IS that much better than the rest.
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go for the metal muff i wrote a pretty comprehensive review of it for this site which can be found in the review section, and it beats the crap out of the Rat IMO and has more gain.
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oh and one other thing i wanted to ask about it, for those who have used it.. because i didnt really get to play about with it for long when i used my friends one.

can you get a good modern type metal sound out of it... along the lines of lamb of god or Killswitch engage?
because it sounded good for megadeth type thrash.. just wondering if it could do those ^ kind of more modern tones decently aswell.?

thanks for any replies!
I don't play metal at all, but it's a GREAT pedal.
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yeah i have one and i have to say its my favorite thing ive ever played with. I'm sure u could reach any kind of tone u want with this thing...its crazy for 80's metal and stuff like pantera and ozzy and all that and im sure u could get something MODERN if u want i wud suggest that u get the pedal it is worth way over the price and everyone says it is the best metal distortion ever
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Only thing wrong with it is that it can't get low gain. But then, it is a METAL pedal.
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you can get a good hard rock kinda sound..

does anyone know if there have been different versions of this pedal that have been made? because i have seen some of these with a slightly different casings and different types of control knobs?
there are the mini and nano versions, they are just cheaper more simplified versions of the original, get the big one.
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i dont think so, i have the one with chrome knobs and my friend has one with black knobs, i think the black knobed ones are from the second production run and later (i got mine the first week it was in stores) and the knobs may be a little lower quality, but the sound is identical.
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cool thanks for letting me know. just purchashed one from ebay
Just bought it today, and what can I say, it is an amazing pedal! Very versatile!