Hey i bought Madden 07 for xbox 360 and its pretty sick.

However i dont know a real lot about NFL so what is a "sack" and "pancake" and also in the superstar mode can you choose your position that you want to play, like choosing quarter back instead of being a centre.
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Sack - to tackle the Quarterback while he was the ball in his hands.
edit: Behind the line of scrimmage...anywhere beyond that is just considered a tackle.

A pancake is when an offensive linemen knocks a defensive player on his back.

And yes, you can choose your position in Superstar mode.
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a sack is when someone on your team tackles the opposing teams quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. and a pancake is when one of your guys blocks another player on offense and pushes him to the ground.
Cool thanks <Insanity>.

Yeh i got it second hand for $80 Australian so thats probably $50 US. I think its worth it its pretty fun even when versing the comp its pretty fair. I dont even watch NFL but i do love sport games though.
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To select your position in Superstar mode just keep going through different sets of parents til you get the position and stats you want. I have it on Wii, so I don't know if it's any different.

This might be a bit off topic, but how is it on the Wii anyway? What kinda things can you do with it?
This might be a bit off topic, but how is it on the Wii anyway? What kinda things can you do with it?

I think they did a great job on the controls. For instance, you have to make a throwing motion to pass, soft for a lob, quick for a bullet. You put the wiimote out to stiff arm, you push both the nunchuck and remote forward to hit/truck stick, you move the ninchuk side to side to juke, lift both hands to catch, lift one on defense to swat, there's a time when if you get locked in a tackle you drum the controllers up and down to break lose stuff like that.
ya sack is when you tackle the quarterback pancake is when you lay on him and dont let him up