So I've been looking/reading a whole bunch of stuff about the different types of amps and all the stuff related to amps and such, cabinets, heads, tubes, combos, solid-state etc, and I had a couple questions.

Firstly, does the type of cabinet (which I assume are the main speakers - correct me if I'm wrong) affect your sound/tone or is the tone comming from the amp head (which I think is made up of the electronics stuff for lack of a better word)?

Secondly, when people talk about tube amps, is that referring to a type of speaker or the type of electronics that are used?

That's about all for now, thanks for your information.
the type of speaker used in the cab will definately affect your tone , so will the wood type slightly. And tubes are part of the electronics. im not super knowledgable on them though.
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lmao yeah the speakers have allot to do with it. they handle different loads and can have different bottom, middle, and top ends depending on how they were designed. Tube amps are amplifiers that use TUBES to make da noise instead of computer circitry(basicaly), which is what solid states do. and for the millionth time....tubes pwn