First full recording with the new mixer and condensor setup. Vocals recorded with a Rode NT1A, guitar with an SM57, bass into my pod then into the mixer. Missed out the choir bit, for reasons that dont need explaining i guess...hope y'all enjoy.

Link in Sig...C4C
I thought this was very good. I don't normally like this song all that much but I like the vibe with this. Its very calming and easy to listen to. You have a great voice. I think I like it more in your other songs though, like "Creep." but I like the way you sort of made it your own vocally with the variations in your voice like at the end of the chorus when you say "take me all the way." Guitar sounded great as well especially with the panning.

crit mine?
Nice one, was very good recording quality.

I cant give you much of a crit cause it sounded all very good to me so i guess thats a good thing
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awesome,sounded great,i like the rest of your stuff,you are a good player,keep it up...
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What are you using to record?

Sounds excellent.
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thanks for the crits guys, appreciated.

to coconut, my setup is my acoustic guitar into my sm57, or my vocals into my rode nt1a, into my mixer, which is a behringer xenyx series...i plug that into the usb port of my computer. the software i use is cakewalk producers edition. hope i've helped, good luck with your recordings. keep the crits comin!
amazing quality!
the only thing i'd critizise was that the vocals sounded a bit dull.