... $100-$200 guitar that's good for it's price. Right now, I have a crappy FirstAct guitar and I really want to switch to something that's not garbage.
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What kind of music do you play? I would suggest saving for a better one, you are not going to get a very good one if you only pay 200 dollars.

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Originally Posted by sendmeapick
you pick squires over gibsons?

thats like michael jackson over jessica alba
For $280 you can get an Ibanez RG321. That's one of the better cheap models you'll find. A problem is that the screws on the pickups come loose on some of those, but it's hit and miss. Otherwise...save up some more money >_>;
I play mainly classic rock, sometimes modern. Also, I'm not looking for a really high-quality guitar; just a cheap one that looks and sounds nice.
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I agree. You're not going to get something good with 200 dollars.

Even if it looks and sounds nice, you'll spend quite a bit if it's crappy hardware. I say save up for something better, because buying a guitar that you won't have to repair is much, much better than one you'll have to fix constantly.

Just 300 more and you could get a fairly nice one. (Assuming you have a Guitar Center nearby)

Damn... guess I'll have to stick with mine for now... it's gonna be hard to persuade my dad to buy a new guitar right after he bought me a new amp...
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Squier 51 is a super guitar for $100.


Ibanez GRX20, $150


You can also look at the lower priced SXs on the Rondo site.


I have an SX strat copy and its good for the money but the Squier 51 is a better deal and has BETTER pickups and slightly better tuners.