I've been wanting to play the electric guitar for a very long time and now I've decided to jump in. Right now I'm researching and asking questions. So far a couple of people have told me to start with acoustic to get used to playing. I want to get into electric guitar right away, but wondering if starting on acoustic will help. What do you guys think?
electric first if u really want to. i got sick of acoustic very quickly when i started with it, but a few years later i started again but with an electric and picked up acoustic later on.
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its up to you, theres no harm in going straight to electric.
if your interested in soft music then you might wanna start on acoustic, but if you like rock/metal personally i would go straight to electric. Acoustic is a good starting point for people mainly because they are cheap enough to not matter much if they decide to not play.
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Just do what you want... Play the music that you like, be it acoustic or electric.
i mean dude its whatever u want. Electric is what i picked first. Acoustic is cool it will really strengthin ur fingers up. But so will electric wiht a little more practice...but its all on u what u want to do.

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I dont think it makes much of a difference, i started electric and its turned out great. even though after playing an acoustic an electric seems alot easier because the strings are closer to the frets but in my opinion if you want to just go electric dont wast your money on an acoustic and maybe pick one up later if you feel the need.
acoustic is helpful in that it will build additional strength and dexterity, but if you're solely interested in electric guitar, just start with an electric. there are a number of different techniques in electric that don't readily apply to acoustic, so if you start with acoustic, you may find yourself trying to catchup on electric basics later on.
I recomend starting on acoustic, and not which to electric until you've developed good technique.

Btw that should not take you to long if you pratice regularly.
Thanks. I'm a total noob, so I'm trying to be really sure about things before I dive in and spend my hard earned money.
I also think it would be a good idea to start on an acoustic. Acoustics are generally harder to fret and stuff so you'll develop finger strentght and technique more quickly on an acoustic. When you go from acoustic to electric you'll find that the electric will be much easier to play.

Just my two cents
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if its hard for you to earn enough money, straight to electric.
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Uh-oh. People might mistake you for a homosexual if you buy a purple pedal.

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You own an Rg2570E and you live in Australia I to you sir!
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i use accosutics for pratice and some fooling around . there better to start with since you get used to playing and they cvan be cheap
Go electric first, sooo much more versatile. Think about it, with an electric you can play soft and slow/ clean stuff and then when your in the mood for a change, hit some overdrive stuff or even heavy distorted metal. But with an acoustic your limited to just that, acoustic. I think its better to get an acoustic second, so you have it when your in that slow mood, but then again when you want to rock, you can pick up your electric.