What sort of programs should I look into for college if I'm interested in editing (literary, newspaper, magazine) as a career?

Also anyone who has info, or knows where I can find more info about this possible career choice, It would really be appreciated
from www.careercruising.com:

Education & Training

There are no strict educational requirements for editors. However, you are unlikely to find work as an editor without at least a bachelor’s degree. Although it is very important to have good reading and writing skills, the degree doesn’t necessarily have to be in English literature, communications, or journalism.

It is also very useful to obtain specific training in publishing, editing, or a related field. Many community colleges offer diplomas and certificates in these areas. These programs are often for post-graduate students, which means you need a bachelor’s degree before you can apply.

Perhaps the most important qualification for an editor to have is a well-rounded education and good general knowledge. Articles and books are published on virtually every subject—history, science, health, economics, to name a few—so a broad or unusual academic background can be very useful.

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Other Suggested Qualifications

Editors should have excellent writing and grammar skills. They should also be familiar with copyright law and defamation law.

Post-graduate studies in English, or any other humanities subject, will sharpen your reading and writing skills. A background in design would also be helpful, since editors deal with the appearance, or layout, of books and articles, not just their content and grammar.

Editors should be organized and must be able to work well under pressure. They should also have good decision-making abilities.