I've been thinking about getting this guitar because I want a guitar that i can do some Tom Morello stuff with but i also wanted 24 frets and a floyd rose tremelo and locking system. This guitar has it all but is it a good buy?
go play it at a store. and if u cant.. than yes. its an excellent. its the most purchased guitar from schecter so go for it.
IMO, it's one of the best guitars you can get for the price. I'm getting one myself eventually. Gotta get my SG first though.
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Yeah, this is definitely one one of the best guitars in that price range, the tremolo is also an OFR.
Damnit, they're so sexy!! I really want to get one of these too, but I already have a Schecter that I'm really happy with, so it could be a while before I can convince myself to spend that much
i have the hellraiser w/o the FR, it's an amazing guitar, go for it!
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alright i'll try it
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