i think it would be really hard to bass sweep. everythings so big
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I think it was crap...sorry not into it
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yea, but perhaps this was meant to be...
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Tapping FTW

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its pretty cool but i liked the tapping parts better.
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Meh, it's ok, But imo, it sounds a lot more intense and impressive on a guitar. Even on a 5+ string bass it still doesn't have the "wow" factor that guitar sweeping has.

Although, I still try doing it, because whenever I see a new technique I try and master it or at least get a good grasp of it so I have it under my belt.

Plus, it's always good to whip out at band practice and hear guitarists say "holy crap, he's sweeping..on a bass!"
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yea i'm getting pretty good at it, and I think when place into songs correctly it can really add the emotional feel and theres a song i heard a while ago where the guitar and bass traded off sweeping parts and it sounded so sick! but i forgot where i heard it.