Im new to guitar. Ive been playing since last summer and i play probably 15 hours a week. How often should i change the strings? And what strings should i buy? I have a Tom Delonge Fender Stratocaster and i bought it in july and have yet to change the strings.

any help would be nice, thanks!
Theres no real set amount of time you should changes strings...it all depends on your preference of sound. over time they will become dull and dead sounding and become extreamly difficult to keep in tune and if you havent since july, you really should soon.
I change all six when I break one... Generally every three months or so. I suppose if you didn't do any bends you wouldn't have to...

When the black bits build up on the strings to the point that they stick & scrape on your fingers if you do a slide it's generally a good idea to change them. Though it's not entirely nessisary.
u should change the strings when they start goin dead and if u been playin that long
u should no when that is
I change strings about...every month or so? I don't know, really depends on how long and how much you play.

Your tone starts to die off (just a bit) when you over work your strings.
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