I haven't seen it at any stores yet, but it looks great. Does anybody know how's the action, and neck? I've been looking at that one and an Ibanez AEG10NEBKF Classical Guitar. Here are the links:



All Breedloves I have played have been awesome. It will most assuredly sound and play miles better than ANY acoustic ibanez. SO if you have the cash to spend on the Breedlove, thats where my money would go. I've played the steel-string version of it and it is an excellent value.

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i have the AD SR 25 plus atlas series guitar from breedlove and absolutely love it. plays really really nice. i also got a friend to get the same model but a year later with different woods and dif electronics but he loves it too... so i would say overall they are a really nice guitar...
You honestly can't go wrong with a Breedlove, I'm sure that their classicals sound just as rich and project just as nice as their steel stringed ones.
If you are looking at the Breedlove as an option.....the is no other option. I just purchased a ACSR 25 plus and I am absolutly in love with my guitar. I hope to obtain an american version someday...mabey when I hit the lottery.........go with the Breedlove. Any reason it has to be the nylon ? just wondered