I'm learning how to play Slither by Velvet Revlolver and it's in "Drop D Tuning". What note should each string be tuned to? (Ex: Normal Tunning is, E A D G B E)

Also, any advice on the song?
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Its D A D G B E has opposed to E A D G B E .

Its a rather simple song, its all basically power chords, and its got an EASY beat.
It should be D A D G B E. This was you form a power chord by simply barring the first 3 strings.
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Low E = down whole step.

Advice on the song - Rock it loud
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Put your finger on the 7th fret low E, and detune it to match your A. When they sound as one note, you're in drop D.
All you have to do is drop the E to a D (1 step)
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