Hey everyone
ive been looking around for songs to do that i can sing and play the guitar for simultaneously, just to mess around with on my own. I'm looking for something that would sound good with just a guitar and vocals, and is not very hard on guitar. A few songs it might be in the ballpark of are Mr. Jones by counting crows or you're beatiful by james blunt.

please help me, i appreciate it.
45 Acoustic - Shinedown
Hardest part: the little hammer-on and pull-off in the verse

Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
Hardest part: a weird form of an A chord

Rain - Breaking Benjamin
Hardest part: getting the strumming down

Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground
Hardest part: umm...it's really pretty easy
In one of the stickys in the MT forum there is an article on singing and playing guitar. In there are some bands that are exactly what you are looking for.
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Screaming Help
if your into screaming than like light to flies by trivium is easy but thats just for me some people find it hard to sing and play that song