Does anyone else's pinky finger bend while not in use, or just respond kinda slow or weak when being used? Its improved since I began playing, but having it curled in when not used is bad correct? And what should I do to get it to stay straight if curled is the wrong way?

Thanks in advance
Just teach your muscles to stay relaxed when you play. I had the same problem but if you take it nice and comfortably slow and build up you can do it.
my pinky curls when not in use, but i can wip it out and put it to good use without a problem. run scales that use the pinky often.
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alright thanks errr what scales

Check out the lessons section on UG. Go and look for articles on introduction to scales
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alright thanks errr what scales
Chromatic, and try to use the "one finger per fret" rule.
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