I played one at Woodwind's next to a Krank Revolution and a Peavey 5150.

The cleans on the El Diablo are better than the Kranks by a long shot (obviously, the Krank's cleans sound like the cleans on an off-brand SS practice amp), and the 5150, no suprise.

The distortion is awesome too. It's way more versitile than the Krank (the Krank only sounds good if you're playin' breakdowns, everything else sounds wayyyyy too muddy and bassy), and the 5150 obviously has tons more gain, but who really needs it? I couldn't tell much of a difference, they're both articulate and brutal at the same time.

All in all, I'd go with the El Diablo because it looks so badass with those purple lights ont he inside!
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judging from you tube clips
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^Youtube is known for craploads of sound compression; I wouldn't judge anything by what you hear on it. That being said, I agree the vid didn't sound that great, but many people think the amp is awesome.
the amp does sound great but it makes a lot of noise. it just hisses when volume is low and gets worse as you turn volume up. however, you really cant hear the hissing after you get that thing up past 5 haha. at 7 it starts hurting and rooms shake .
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I like the ED. Those clips were a bit crappy, though. You can dial that crap out, though.
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