Im thinking that i might get a new amp in the future and i play mostly metal and shred i want something that will sound good with distortion and i was thinking maybe getting a cheaper head and cabinet so if any one has any suggestions
if your willing to go to 500$ i recomend a Crate GTX212 it cost me 499$ and its got nice a nice distorted tone but still packs a punch on those cleans,all in my oppion of course
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that looks good it looks like they stopped making it and by the time i get the money i probably wont be able to find it
The rolland cube 30 is great, or I use the line 6 spider II 75 watt.
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get a cube 60...good for metal and also has a good range of effects
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I'd recommend the Randall RG series amps. The G3 is out now, which sounds very kickass and has a ton of distortion and very nice cleans. I have a G2, which is an older model (I think they sound identical to eachother, but that's just me). They're a great deal for the price, and if you can find a G2 it's an even better deal. I got my G2 for $320 CAD, so obviously I saved some money over getting the newer model.

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I found a Line 6 Spider II 75w,modeling head used for $180 and i like line 6 a lot i have their pod and guitarport but what would be a good cab for this?
yea it is.
Edit: try it first see if you like it.
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how about the Behringer V-Tone GMX210 Stereo Combo Amp my friend has it and i like it a lot and it has some of the same things my brothers amp that came with his behringer guitar that i liked and it only costs $200 and comes with footswitch so has anyone used this im pretty sure ill end up with it tho
Randall RG200 G2 or G3
Awesome 200 watt 2x12

Works perfectly for metal [scooped tone]
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The blue voodoo sounds better then the v-tone.
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I found one for $250 is it worth it

My friend has been raving about Blue VooDoos to me for a while, and I finally found a used Combo at the local Sam Ash, and it sounded great! And it's a real tube amp if I remember right, not a solid state. In that price range, that would be my choice...

Stay away from the Spiders... they are decent amps, but not the best thing you can get in the price range... I know... I bought one... :S

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the blue voodoo would cost me another $50 plus shipping i found it at daddy's junky music has anybody bought anything from them before
Another thin how is the distortion on the blue vodoo i was going to buy a good rtion pedal but i would have to put the money towards this if i decide to go with it so i wouldn't have a good distortion pedal?
$200-400 is pushing it pretty hard for a good metal amp. If you're willing, save up $560 and get a Randall RG50TC combo. Plenty loud, sounds good.
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you don't need a distortion pedal for the blue voodoo it has plenty of gain, one of the cannibal corpse guitarists used it.
The distortion pedal sucks compared to the blue voodoo.
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