wow, i've been lookin for something very similar. huge trivium fan and own a strat myself. i've wanted to put emgs into it for a while but i wanted something that looked different but played great. this thing was rated the best out of everything ive looked at and comes with humbuckers that ill eventually replace but it looks sweet as as$ and is supposed to be amazing for its price. but here it is. the ESP-LTD Ax-50...

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a good guitarist can sound great on any guitar, just make sure your amp meets your needs, and guitar standards will come later...LOL thats what i was told by my friend whos good, im still a noob.
Yeah if you have an RR1 you should save for an amp then you could change the pickups in it. Don't get that LTD AX. All of the model numbers under 400 are made of Agathis which isn't a very good tone wood. So if you're not going to get a new amp save some more and don't get a cheap ESP/LTD.
Stock Gibson Pickups from a 2005 V, I think they're a 498T and 500T set FS/FT
Duncan Distortion (regular spaced) FS

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