ok i have 2 problems. One really screwed up problem is the volume keeps switching on and off, and its annoying as hell. the amp is roland cube 30 and its pretty new, ive only had it for about a month.
the other problem is it hums alot on the lead channel with distortion. boss ds-1
so someone pleease help and sorry if im not specific enough
If it's still under warranty take it to where you bought it and try to either A. Get a replacement or B. Fix it
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Distortion equals hum. its a fact.

And for the switching. Power problem maybe? Not much you can do to fix it.
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i thought it mightve been a power problem cause i plugged it in with like 10 other things, but i just plugged it into an empty hallway and it still does it. I guess ill bring it to the store and have it checked out
and is it normal to have really high humming, and no humming for the built in distortion?
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What amp setting are you using your ds-1 on?
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