When kirk pulls the string on the fretboard, how can i get that sound, or what harmonic can i use to get close to that sound? thanks in advance!
uh, wow, dude, at what part? Are you referring to the pull offs? Cuz if so, he does them all over the place his solos, like most guitarists.
no, the very high pitched part, he pulls the string off of the guitars fretboard and uses whammy to make it squeel.
When they recorded that Kirk did too big of a bend and it slipped right off the fretboard and it hit the pickup and it made a weird sound and they kept it in the recording.
ok, so does anyone know the whammy harmmonic i can use to get that pitch?
I just tried it, and an artificial harmonic on the 13th fret, e string, sounds pretty good to me.
dude it is imposible to do it.... it was an accident... but keep trying if you want.... it would be really bad ass if you could do it.... i would just bend the shit out of the string i think is the B not the e cus why would you bend the e down.. so good luck with that
im not asking for pulling off the board, u can make the noise with harmonics i jsut dunno how
Best thing to do is pull a pinch harmonic on the 6th fret on the G string and bend it like a mother effer. If you get the pinch right, itll sound good. It's also relatively close to the next run in the solo, so you wont get thrown off.

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another option is natural harmonic at third fret third string (lots of gain, or you'll never hear it) with whammy bar.

I wonder if that story about him pulling string too far off is urban legend, always sounded like whammy bar/harmonic to me. Anyone ever read something definitive like in a guitar mag interview or something, him actually saying that?

And when you watch him play that part on youTube videos he's never playing a guitar with a bar, from what I've seen he goes for the pinch harmonic, but the amount of bend is never as drastic as on the original recording.