You know... after looking at a couple of posts I've made in here... I've discovered I don't know anything about my music history when it comes to the 3 styles presented within this sub-forum, or rock history in general. So I figured I would make a thread both in here and in the classic rock forum (each dealing with their respective genre's of music):

I havn't a clue as to how to get this knowledge of all the artists in shread/80's rock/glam that most people here have...

I know a large percentage of this can be gained by going out and getting albums and such, but I havn't a clue as to where to begin... and I don't have the money for albums so youtube will have to suffice...

I don't even know where to begin, or what to ask in regards to asking questions to start off on gaining this knowledge....

I'm as confused as I can be currently.

I know of Satch, Vai, Jethro Tull, and have heard a small selection of their stuff. I also know of Shawn Lane and Zappa, but havn't really heard anything by them save a clip of a piece of zappa's phycodelic rock (I know, he's not phycodelic, just this piece is...).

That's it preaty much, I've some metalica... but that's thrash... Beyond this, not much else if anything else in these genres...

(A bit of history regarding my life and how I came to know what little I know now):

Mom didn't listen to music much, and I never got into radio as the local stations play the same stuff over and over, probably no more than 20 songs total in their Databases, even the "classic rock stations".

It was around the age of I believe 13 or so, that I actually listened to my first piece of rock. Santana and Rob Thomas doing 'Smooth'. I fell in love, but it would be 3 years later I believe that I heard my next piece of rock, Metal actually, Metallica's Enter Sandman. I then noticed that I was attracted to not only what I learned was the guitar, but the darker side of the guitar's sound... (I called heavier on the bass and lower frequencies "dark" back then... ah, the bliss of ignorience!). I rushed out and got the "Black Album"... I got that and Manson's version of Sweet Dreams (SD was aquired illeaglly... didn't know it was illeagle back then... I don't do it now). It would be mabey another 2 years before I heard of anything else... I though this was preaty much it on the great music... as I didn't see anything in the local stores that seemed along the same lines... It was that 2 years or so later that I first heard Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, and some Zeppelin over at a neighbor's house (the same one that introduced me to Metallica!, though it was his father this time). And Well, Needless to say I was hooked. I've aquired a few albums sence then, borrowed untill I get my own copy or bought it myself. But beyond these and a few select others, I don't have a clue as to what's out there really...

My online friend continues to try to aid me by finding youtube videos for me every now and then to expand my my library of knowledge as to the "history of rock"... Hell, I wouldn't have really known who pink floyd was if it weren't for this online friend of mine... I only knew of ABITW: pt 2 and thought that was the only sound they had or something, LMAO... as it's their most celebrated piece it seems... Though I now have a preaty good beginner's knowledge as to the sound of PF, as I have Echoes: The best of pink floyd, DSotM, and The Wall.. and I have that boxed set of Zeppelin's with the crop circles. But beyond that I don't know much if anything really (though I have a little over 20 gigs of music on my HD, It's mostly stuff like zep's boxed set on WMA Lossless, and stuff like that.

So where to begin, what to do? I dont' know how to begin the researching and whatnot?

(I know a few other things that are more in the 3 genre's presented in this forum, but this was coppied directly from the classic rock sub-forum...).
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Guys... Keep this clean Please! I don't want this thing closed cause it get's notthing but posts like some of the above! I seriously need to learn what I've requested here... If you want to make nothing posts, THAT'S WHAT THE PIT IS FOR, GO THERE! Please!

As to get back on topic, yea... I preaty much don't know jack! Anyone able to begin to help me here?

I'll look into VH1's the history of metal. Is it on DVD (or VHS, but DVD prefered)? If so, Is it rentable? Or is it a show they do weekly or something?
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Alot of my knowledge comes from Vh1 classic. Try and get a hold of all 4 episodes of Heavy, the story of metal, and try to get ahold of Metal: A headbangers journey.

Also shows on Vh1 such as metal mania, 40 greatest metal songs, 100 greatest hard rock bands of all time, Hysteria: A def leppard story, Metallica: Some kind of monster, and random bio's about bands on vh1. All my metal knowledge almost has come from there.
hmmm, ok, seems like VH1 is a good source of the history of metal... I thought it was just pop rock, lol.
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Hahha, there was no music in the 80's save bands that started in the 70's and were still around in the 80's. The 90's was all about grunge and "reinventing" music. Sabbath is considered the God of metal, however Zeppelin had a big hand in starting metal, though they were more along the lines of hard rock of their time. They kind of took blues and fused it with rock, which was also what the Beatles did, just more popish. Metallica owes there exsistance to Black Sabbath. Pearl Jam and Nirvana were big with the grunge movement, as were the Meat Puppets, and Bush but not as big. Floyd just did whatever the hell they wanted, hahha, but no... they took ideas and made it into song form. By far my favorite band of all time. Dark Side of the Moon is about insanity due to normal everyday life. The Wall is about Roger Waters life. Wish you Were Here is amazing, go get it... it's a tribute to Sid Barrett, their former singer who had a mental breakdown due to drugs and a mental issue of some sort... Slayer is considered the king of thrash by many. Testement is another slightly less popular thrash type band. Current music is a lot heavier than older music, and has taken a completly different turn, in that much of it is going towards cathcy melodies with hookie lyrics. Which older music did as well, just in a different style. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are all about Funk, good band, lots of talent, I think their underappreciated. Jimi Hendrix is an amazing guitarist. Don't say he is cause other people say he is, say he is because he's amazing! His music was completely from the soul, it was all "felt' not played. That's why he's amazing. Bob Dylan is the shit, and he was a huge influence on Jimi Hendrix. He's a singer songwriter, not sure if you like that or not... but wth. Guns 'n' Roses was a decent band in the 80's. They have amazing songs, and then the rest is crap. You need to hear the Appitite for Destruction album, amazing piece of work. So yeah... this got really long, but yeah. Just search an aritist online and read their bios, insane amounts of knowledge may be aquired like such. But yeah, good luck with all that.
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hmmm, ok, seems like VH1 is a good source of the history of metal... I thought it was just pop rock, lol.

80% of the time it is, that is where tivo comes in handy
and tomorrow after school im gonna write a huge longthing on the history of metal. so beready
p.s. Marylin Manson is industrial rock. One of the most popular industrial bands besides him is Nine Inch Nails. I think NIN lyrically is not up to the callibur of Marylin Manson, but still okay... Manson is another of my favorite bands. Yes, it is a band, not just his name... which is by the by a conbination of Marylin Monroe and Manson... the serial killer dude from hollywood, I really don't know much about him. Then there's the weird music that breaks genres and does it's own thing. The Strokes are like that. The Hives. System of a Down, Muse, TV on the Radio (just learned about then, like em) etc... etc...
You should check out Led Zeppelin, they were and still are a ridiculously awesome band.
You owe it to yourself to find Dream Theater.
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I think you got your answer in the CR forum.
last.fm has nice radio stations too.
Have fun!
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its not worth it 80s music sucked

And you would class good music as what then.....

Also why is everyone just talking about metal, 80's wasn't all metal.....a certain SRV was alive and well, Aerosmith, Bonjovi, Satch, AC/DC (I'm sorry if you disagree but I don't class them as metal), Van Halen were still going, Vai, Zappa was also still going, I could carry on for hours. And before anyone says "your closed minded you don't like metal" I like Metallica, and well I aint gonna start naming bands again.....the fact is that most people on UG are metalheads and don't like anyone who doesnt think metal is the greatest music ever, or that dimebag was the greatest guitar player that ever lived (not naming any names im just talking generally)... and I just think those people need to grow up

Ok sorry for the short random rant there but it don't half piss me off sometimes
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Like I said, I have a few other select artist/group's albums:

Yea, I have a few dream theater albums. To me their 'ok'... As I don't dig on the vocals and synth stuff myself. Now petrucci can damn well play, as can the rest, so I'm not putting him or the others of DT down at all, hell their bassist (forget how to spell his name, Myong? lol) is awsome... especially when he got togehter with Sarah McLauclan on Possession! And Petrucci doing Glassco Kiss live feels awsome . I know the one album I can listen to when in the right mode all the way through is Octavarium... but that's definatly a bit much most of the time, lol... too rich. I also have Motley Crue's greatist hits album... some good pieces there definatly. *puts on Glitter*


Just because I have some of these albums, doesn't mean I know anything about them at all, hell I don't know what most of these guys look like myself. (Some I do)

Hmmm... is wiki a reliable source for completely accurate info?
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Early metal:

Iron butterfly - listen to inna gadda da vida, 17 minute song with 5 minute drum solo
Alice Cooper
Black sabbath
The stooges
Led zeppelin
Thin lizzy
Wishone ash

Metal started out in a metal factory in birmingham england in 1968. Tony iommi, black sabbaths guitarist was working the shift of somebody elses job cutting metal. The machine cut his fingers off, forcing him to play lighter riffs such as in the song iron man. This song inspired many of the bands we listen to to play music, with sabbath there would be no life on earth.

That's just the beginning, i'm going to edit it later when my dad brings his laptop home from work because i have my whole metal thing typed on his laptop
Twisted Sister
Yngwie Malmsteen
Van Halen
Randy Rhoads (R.I.P.)
Quiet Riot
Europe Just some of the best 80's stuff ...oh and guns and roses
Thanks for the help thus far .

Ok, I have the list now.

Please realize though this is a lengthy list, it's mostly stuff outside of Metal and CR. And also realize this is an amalgamation of all the various albums I have throughout most genres, and most of this I don't actually have borrowed anymore. what I do have left isn't much... And if u wana ask how I know all the albums I have borrowed that I no longer have in my posession... I have a few lists in various documents strewn about in my pc of what I've borrowed so I know exactly what to return without returning something of mine, lmao.

Also, remimber I said that I have a 23.2 Gig library of stuff, so I have somewhat of a library of music currently. But it was only in the past few months that I aquired 90% of what I have. And also remimber that most of this stuff I have no clue about the bands, the band history, or the history surrounding these albums. I have more than I thought I did, lol, but it's still only a small portion of what's out there by what I hear. I also have some single pieces off of various albums or downloaded (before I knew it was illeagle... I need to delete them as soon as I get their albums!)... So without further waiting, here's the list of what I do have:
4 Non Blonds:
Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

AC/DC Live: Collector's Edition Discs 1 and 2
Back in Black
Highway to Hell
Who Made Who

O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits [Bonus Tracks] Disc 1 and Disk 2

Alice in Chains:
(not all of) Nothing Safe: Best of the Box

Audio Adrenaline:
Some Kind of Zombie

The Beatles:

Black Sabbath:
Symptoms of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978

Chroma Key:
Dead Air for Radios

Cradle of Filth:

Thrall: Demonsweatlive [Bonus Track]

David Cassidy (EWWW!, Not mine! Mom’s… EWW!):
Old Dog, New Trick

Deep Purple:
The Very Best of Deep Purple [Rhino]

Around the Fur

Demon Hunter:
Summer of Darkness

Dire Straights:
Money for Nothing

Dream Theater:
A Change of Seasons
Images and Words
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Disc 1 (missing disk 2)
Train of Thought
(Funny that the band I don’t listen to much at all is the one I have the most of!)

Elton John:
In Loving Memory of Diana. Princess of Wales
Love Songs [1996]

Eric Clapton:
Time Pieces: Best of Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton & B.B. King:
Riding with the King

Eric Johnson:
Venus Isle


Guns N' Roses:
G N' R Lies
Use Your Illusion I
Use Your Illusion II
(I LOVE the “holy trinity” of G ‘N’ R! ( u know the 3 songs!)

Janis Joplin:
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits

Jethro Tull:
Original Masters

Jimi Hendrix Experience:
The Ultimate Experience

Joe Satriani :
Surfing with the Alien

Kid Rock:
Kid Rock

See You on the Other Side

Sea of Faces
Strong Tower

Led Zeppelin:
Box Set disks I-IV (crop circles Boxed Set)

Liquid Tension Experiment:
Liquid Tension Experiment

Meat Loaf:
Bat out of Hell

...And Justice for All
Garage Days Re-Revisited
Master of Puppets
Metallica (Black Album)
S&M Disc 2 (missing disk 1)

Mötley Crüe:
Greatest Hits [Motley/Beyond]


Shine...The Hits
Take Me to Your Leader



Ozzy Osbourne:
Down to Earth
The Essential Ozzy Osbourne Disc 1
The Essential Ozzy Osbourne Disc 2

Far Beyond Driven

Peter Frampton:
Frampton Comes Alive! Disc 1
Frampton Comes Alive! Disc 2


Pink Floyd:
The Dark Side of the Moon
Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd Disc 1
Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd Disc 2
The Wall Disc 1
The Wall Disc 2

Project 86:
Drawing Black Lines
Songs To Burn Your Bridges By

Greatest Hits [Hollywood]
(and Bohemian Rhapsody from Greatest Hits, Vols. 1-2 Disc 1)

Sehnsucht (cool stuff sometimes, but not something I dig on, especially if I can’t understand the lyrical content!)

Robin Trower:
Bridge of Sighs

The Rolling Stones:
Jump Back: The Best of the Rolling Stones 1971-1993
(ok stuff, not my bucket o’ stuff though )

Chronicles Disc 1
Chronicles Disc 2

Santana Abraxas
Viva Santana (Disk 1)
Viva Santana (Disk 2)

Seether :
Karma and Effect

The Smashing Pumpkins :
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Dawn to Dusk)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Twilight to Starlight)

16 Greatest Hits

Steve Miller Band:
Greatest Hits 1974-1978

Steve Vai:
Passion and Warfare

Stevie Ray Vaughan:
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Superjoint Ritual:
Use Once and Destroy

System of a Down:

Temple of the Dog:
Temple of the Dog

Into the Now

Opiate [EP] (sucks, lol)

The Who:
Who's Greatest Hits
(this CAN NOT be their greatist stuff, can it? If so, what's the big dealio all about?)

Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force:
Marching Out

ZZ Top:
Greatest Hits

Small list no? I mean... especially considering it's an amalgamation of many genres! And like I said, it's mostly the history of the genre, and info on the bands that I'm mostly looking for. BUT, I'm also looking for more bands within classic rock specificly, as I only have a small amount of Metal. Most of that is outside of CR and Metal... I think.
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Delete jethro tull of your list, he stole the MTV awards from metallica
[ I forget what year it was, but jethro tull won the mtv music awards over ****ing metallica, bullshit.
Download the album paranoid by sabbath
Holy diver by dio
Winners take all by quiet riot
Hysteria by def leppard
In a gadda da vida by iron butterfly
Animalize by KISS
The last command by W.A.S.P
Stay hungry by Twisted sister
Dedication by thin lizzy
British steel by judas priest
Ace of spades by motorhead
Back in black by AC.DC.
Ride the lightning, the black album, and kill em all by metallica
Destroyer by KISS
The number of the beast by iron maiden
Powerslave by iron maiden
Pyromania by Def leppard
How the gods kill by Danzig
Masters of reality by Black Sabbath
Led zeppelin I and II by ...if you don't know who wrote these albums, then leave. just leave.
Armageddon by Aerosmith

Even though that is about 20% of the albums/records I own, those are got to be my favorite. If you have to Download them, steal them, borrow them, just get ahold of songs on these albums or better the whole album.
If you have any other questions about hair metal, ask.
motley crue FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its all the metal you will ever need
Motley Crue 2/11/06!
Motley Crue/Aerosmith 11/21/06!
Sanctity/BLS 3/12/07!
Bleeding Through/Slayer/Manson-7/25/07!
A7x/Operator/the Confession/Black Tide 11/25/07!
Van Halen 2/12/07!
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Delete jethro tull of your list, he stole the MTV awards from metallica
[ I forget what year it was, but jethro tull won the mtv music awards over ****ing metallica, bullshit.

Dude, Jethro Tull is the name of the band, not a member of the band. Besides, just because they won the best heavy metal album of the year award over Metallica without being metal doesn't mean you should hate them, especially since Metallica were being so cocky and thinking they would win without any doubt. You wouldn't hate AC/DC if they won best metal album of the year, so you shouldn't hate Jethro Tull for that.

The big 80's rock movement started with Van Halen and Randy Rhoads (from Ozzy Osbourne's band). These two really defined the sound of 80's hard rock. Then a lot of other guitarists came along and musicians realized that others (Vai, Satch, Yngwie are the most widely known) have much more talent than the aformentioned two.

Great music continued through the 80's until grunge hit in the 90's and most "musicians" found out that you don't have to be technically or musically skilled to make noise that sounds good. A few bands survived the blight (Dream Theater).

Today, Rustey Cooley is one of the leaders of modern shred. Most of the 80's guys still play and record new music.

To get into shred/80's metal, I would start with the more popular (Van Halen) and progress through even more proficient artists like Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, and Buckethead. When you're really into music, check out some fusion players like Allan Holdsworth and Shawn Lane. Every artist I have mentioned is very widely known, so most of them are good starting points.

Basically, just go to this forum every day and see what you pick up. That's what I've been doing for a couple months, and I have learned a lot being here.

Oh, and check my signature \/ I think you will find it amusing...
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Originally Posted by Outside Octaves
... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
You should definitely take a look at Racer X. Paul Gilbert's playing opened up an entirely new way of looking at the guitar in a band with a vocalist for me. Not to mention that he is perfectly capable of making almost anyone feel like a very small child. He plays so cleanly with such a limited amount of gain, and his control over the guitar's dynamics through muting and picking is incredible. Not to mention the fact that he was a "guitar hero" style lead guitarist in the 1980s without a whammy bar. That alone makes him notable.
I don't think this is the right way to get to know about more music... Don't do it time-bound, if that makes sense.
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