Completed... I just want you all's opinion on it... Really, its my first progressive peice I've ever done. Just under 4 and a half minutes. I tried putting a solo... but I'm still not good at solos, so for now it remains solo'less.

Titled "Cavern of Lost Souls"

The beginning is a tad weak, methinks... but overlook that and listen to it all, see how you like it.

Cavern of Lost Souls.zip
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43 views and no comments? Not even a "that sucks."?

~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya
I actually liked it alot. It was really odd... But really catchy.

The only thing that could make it better is an even weirder solo. xD But you said your not good at solos, so I s'pose its perfect as is.
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Hmm... I kinda liked it. It's rather chaotic at first. But it was good.
I have to agree with the others, at first it seems pretty awful, but then the weirdness of it really works. It took a second listen, but then some of the riffs I previously thought were terrible worked (riffs A+B) I'm still not too sure of riff C, the bit on bar 10, still doesnt work for me. Riff D is fine with the harmonisation, but before that there isnt enough of a guitar rhythm underneath it, so it sounds quite harsh, maybe get the sort of rhythm you have for your second interlude under that? The first interlude is a good idea, but sounds a bit harsh for me, but the second interlude is very good. If I were you I'd try to lengthen the song a bit by playing around with your clean interludes, as they both show promise. The outro is also good, although it still has the weakness with the rhythm I said earlier, but once they harmonise it works really end, and ends properly.

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...don't hate me... I thought the song had promise and really enjoyed riff C and D, but thought the excecution... in particular the entire drum track was very UNreal, as well as just far too saturated... so I re-wrote the drums, and noodled around with a few other minor details... so... here it is...

yup... I'm not working right now... loads of free time... so, yeah.
Cavern of Lost Souls.zip
I thought it was alright. I think riff C was awesome..Just sounded really cool.
woa. sounds like soemting out of doom or something. I found it relatively enjoyable tho.