hey guys, this is a song that I wrote for my band, it is all recorded on an acoustic guitar using just audacity but the version my band plays includes electric guitars (dont worry, no distortion)

anyway, tell me what you think!

it's called Heaven or Hell...

I liked this song quite a bit actually, it's a pretty interesting song, very well mixed; The little piano(at least it sounds like one) blurb when the song picks up sounds great, the guitars have nice tone, a little reverby, but nice; The electric w/ the Wah-Wah/Tremolo was nicely done; Your voice isn't half bad; At first it sounded like a lullaby(when you started singing) and I was like "WTF?" but after about 45 seconds or so it cleared up and sounded pretty good, it's got a cool bluesy sound to it at first, but then it gets a Floydian thing going which I liked a lot; Nice job man! Your tone is pretty good and your sound is great, what was your setup?


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