So, to be fair, this isn't a song; however, poetry... that rhymes.

I had to write three Limericks, all through the class I had to listen to the most god-awful obnoxious poems (I hate guidelines). But anyways, I wrote these three tonight just sitting and figured I'd pass them in to see what the teach' says.

Thinking of all that's obnoxious,
I think I'd get slightly nautious.
With sarcasm to spare
and thinking turned rare,
Limericks come to me, now cautious.

You know, this world revolves around me.
I'm also pefect, you see?
Modesty aside,
and don't ask me why,
Why, I'm as pefect as can be.
Opps, I spelled "perfect" wrong,
Stop the song!

There's a guy named Homer J. Simpson,
who's dumber than O.J. Simpson!
Pop-culture the humour,
but never the sooner,
does someone insult Homer J. Simpson.

Hooray for rhyming words with the same words. O.J. Simpson wasn't random by the way, I was refering to his recent book and pop-culture.

So what do you think, 100%?
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Quote by thundrstruk891
the third, while funny, doesnt flow right. too many sylables lol.

i give you a solid 90%

but im strict, so who knows

A solid 90's pretty decent for having a little bit of fun, cheers to that!