I'm a beginner at soloing and stuff so i'm practicing solos for songs i like. Right now, i'm working on sweet child o mine. So, basically, i memorize the tab and play it slowly.

So, when you're generally learning a solo, do you just memorize the tab or do you guys actually know which notes you are playing and which scale it is from etc?

BTW.... so, what scale is the solo from SCOM (3:30 sec). And, what are the backing power chords?
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For Sweet Child of Mine, I have no idea, as I've never wanted to learn it.

But I learn what notes to hit slowly. I also figure out what key and scale it's in, it's use of accidentals, and the relationship between notes (i.e. intervals).

That way, I can start to see a pattern emerging, then it's much easier to remember instead of a random assortment of notes.
You have some pretty nice gear for just learning... Since I am a jazz player, I always know the scales and chords that the solo is played over. It is best to do it like this because you have an understanding of the solo, and you can recall it much easier that way.
i just say screw it and memorize the tab
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I practise,and it my fingers sorta like memorise it.
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its on E minor scale for the most parts, but slash might have put in other notes too im not sure bout those.
the backing chords are E>>>G>>>A>>>C>DG then back to E.
all the letters and '>' represent a quarter note.
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