Hey again:

Okay, I did 3 separate and different(rough) takes of "Lost Again", and I did a lead part for "Searching"; I was especially hoping you guys could tell me which version of "Searching" was better, With or Without the Lead? If you want to take the 13 minutes and some odd seconds it would take, I'd like if you could tell me which version of Lost Again was best; But to be honest it's Searching that I'm curious about the most, though if you could tell me which of Lost Again was best that would be pretty cool; So basically:

1) Searching w/ or w/o Lead?
2) (If you wanna take the time) Which of the 3 Lost Again's is best?

Thanks guys!



Click the "more" arrow when you get to that page and it will show ALL of the songs, and in order...I'd link directly to that page, but it gets goofy on my profile and won't load from there and it redirects to the main dmusic page, it's annoying...anyway;
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i think im goin to redo the part around 2:40 sometime tomorrow so when i do that i will post it up and let ya listen to c if it sounds any better and i have a electric version of two sides that u can use if u want and there is a kinda heavy distortion on it

anyways i like the 2nd edit of lost again especially towards the end
and seaching with the lead is to me the best
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Thanks man, thanks for listening to the different versions of lost again, that must have been kinda grueling...They were all different so I couldn't decide; Anyway, you like the second one and you like the lead that searching has...Kewlio; Yeah, I'd actually really like to see the new version of Two Sides that you have when you get it done, you did a pretty good job when you added to You Knew, so I'm sure that Two Sides'll be great;


Any crits would be great guys!
Hey dude I like that Found riff. Its really nice and reminds me a little bit of that Led Zeppelin song, I think its called Tangerine.

I prefer Searching with the lead. If you really feel pressured to take it out, just cut back on it. Slow it down, leave some breathing room... you know?

The songs sound good, keep at it.

Crit mine?

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I listened to the two versions of Searching. I like them both, but the one that has lead seems too busy. I think this is good case of less is more. Less lead will make the lead itself stand out more instead of becoming a mess in some spots.

I think another idea to try (if you have the means), is to use a different guitar for the lead - not necessarily electric, but a classical guitar almost always sounds good played over an acoustic guitar.

I think the changes and progression are pretty good - but changing the picking part here and there would add some more ear catchy stuff to the whole composition.