Poll: Roland 20x or Roland 30x
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roland 20x
2 22%
roland 30x
7 78%
Voters: 9.
which roland cube amp would you go with for a practice amp

roland cube 20x


roland cube 30x


would the other amp models be that much different?? and would the extra 10 amps make that big of a difference?? 20 watts would be loud enough to shake the walls in my dorm room right?

I'm leaning towards the 20x just it's alot cheaper..... I just need some opinions of why I would go otherwise.
just for bedroom practice save money and get the 20 unless you want the extra features that the 30 has.
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definitly get the 30. it will be worth it in the long run.
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30 if you have the money, personally I would get and EVJ, with some overdrive pedals. The 20 is fine though.
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Get the 30, without a doubt.

You'll want to get fond to what the effects are and such, it's a perfect bedroom playing amp.
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