in my health class were tlkin about unprotected sex, so we all have to do some mini pays, so i thought it would b cool if i played sum slap on my bass for background music for when they suposly begin intercourse.My teacher ok'ed the idea, but i cant find any tabs that really sound like dat old school porno movies.So does any1 have any tabs that would gimme dat chica bow wow sound.i have a month to practice and i got a sum1 who can let me borrow some effects if it calls for it. thx
I assume, as a high school dropout, this would be the local penitentiary health class?

And you guys are doing plays of unprotected sex? Wierdness.

I think fooling around with an envelope filter would be your best bet - that gooey, sexy sound, with the added bonus of no one really paying attention to the actual notes.
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wah and flanger
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hsdropout is just a name i like and i knoe that evry1 had to do some sort of sex/abstanece(how ever u spell it) play/ project throught their life but none the less im gunna mess around with those, thanx alot
I think you're going for that Starsky and Hutch 70's sound, right? Then you'll also need a guitar with INSANE amount of wah and ofcourse some slap and pop. If you can't find any tabs, why not doodle up some of your own? I mean it's not very complicated...
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