College is getting a little on the expensive side and I need some extra doe, my loss your gain. I only play this sweet axe in the safety of my own (smoke free) home, meaning that it has never been "roughed up." There however a few hairline scratches which you can only see at certain angles.(Completely normal if you are a regular player.)

I bought this guitar new ($549.99) about a year ago and have pampered it like a baby pretty much ever since. So thats why im going to go ahead and ask $400 which I may negotiate within reason of course.

Oh yea! the SKB hardcase will come with it.

Call or E-mail Ryan anytime for pictures....

Cell: (713)498-2151
E-mail: Butterfras@hotmail.com
same here

My email is clomon1006@yahoo.com
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please can i get some larger pics


Beautyful Guitar. Beautiful Price, im goign to see if i can get some cash together, but dont hold out on me, there's some stuff going down in the family so ill have to see

but thanks for the piics they are good gives a great look to how perfect this guitar is
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